Sunday, 21 October 2012

Last post on Phillips Fashion Week

I've done three posts on shows at fashion week now but told nothing of other things happening.
Well, there was a debate about trademarks and their promotion on twitter or facebook. Well, If I didn't like two persons on the stage so much, I'd left after few minutes. Why? Some people are just getting on my nerves to much to handle. *tells herself to breathe in .... and out....*

There was also a debate on music. Goldierocks and Matjaž Ambrožič talked about Radio Selector which can be heard in Slovenia on radio Terminal. (hint, you can find it with clicking on banner here on my blog ;) ) And it was awesome. Yes, if I like people and everything else sucks sometimes I still feel it was great. Well this is not the case. I liked people, I liked the debate, and it was great. Pha!

In the evenings after show there was free booze (one time vodka and two times gin (Bombay Sapphire, my favourite)) and great music. One day it was 80's themed music, the other day it was Elle party, the third day it was just great music. :)

And then there was afterparty at Cirkus with Goldierocks. I dislike the place, so I was about to run just after Goldierocks took the stage. Well, I didn't and went home way too late to function normally.
So yes, it was fun.

It was a great week, I'm gonna end it with a little playlist I made...

Phillips Fashion Week Day 3

So the third and last day of fashion shows was even more crowded than all days before.
First show was again at 18.30
Eric Matyash (where one of the girls almost landed face down to the catwalk. Poor girl, I really felt sorry for her :S) Can I hear you say BZZZZZZZZ? :P

Anđela Lukanovič
Petja Zorec with all male collection
Matevž Fanagel and stripes and white and black and... <3
Ivan Rocco went all vintage but I wouldn't mind that skirt coming to my closet :D
20.30 and last show
Peter Movrin being animalistic.

Sanija Reja Aske and another skirt I wolud like to have

Garevski. I am a fan now.

Marta Vodeb and bring on the night in old Ljubljana few decades ago.

JSP and wide sholders and turtly necks
NatasaHrupic and some cool collars.

Philips Fashion Week Ljubljana day 2

So, I am a bit late but still here ;) to tell you about the second day of Philips Fashion week in Ljubljana. It was crowded, people crawling one over another under the stairs are not my favourite place to be. Or better yet to do. Yes, I am always complicating. :)

So, the first show was at 18.30

Maja Ferme presented very prom-like collection and the little princess part of my heart was filled with pleasant feelings. All in all I wasn't that impressed.
Next one was Krznjarstvo Eber. Vivid fur isn't my cup of tea. Even natural coloured one is not favourite. Interesting choices for summer, don't you think?
Alice Bossman surprised me. It was a very wearable collection, a lot of whites and very summerish feel. I am a fan now. :)
Next one was Mojca Celin with flower collection.
Simona Lampe with spring rain collection made me want to dance in the rain. If someone wants to buy me that coat, I wouldn't mind, I promise :)
Miro Mišljen created circus. Shiny wigs, red lips pasted to male model's faces. A monkey or two to go with it wouldn't do no harm :)
Maja Štamol.

So, there was also another show at 20.30.
There we saw:

Sofia Nogard
Aleksandra Brlan with very wearable collection. I like it. :)
Ana Jelinič with funny headwear and awesome(!) camera necklaces.
Dajana Ljubičič with animalistic prints and asymetric details
Nena Florjančič and another coat I wouldn't mind having
Nika Ravnik with clear lines and pepita fabric. :)

Nelizabeta was so tottaly me. Colours, stylings, shoes. I loved it. Really loved.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Philips fashion week Ljubljana day 1

So here we are, first day of fashion week Ljubljana is over. It was nice. So many cool things happening on spot in a small city like Ljubljana. It always fascinates me how many designers we have in country with 2mil people. Considering we have everything similar to big cities we needed to have fashion week as well. It is not the first one but it sure is nice.
So, I need to point out what a cure design there is used for the whole thing. The artist is Mitja Bokun. If you are interested in fashion illustrations, you should check him out.
There is also a official radio, Radio Terminal. Do I even need to introduce it? No? Exactly, I have it on my blog as a widget, I did a post about it...
So I shall move on to today's runways.

The first one was Almira Sadar. ( I want this blazer) There were few really cute pieces but the shoes.. Flip flops with heel strap? Really? No, I do not like them. I do not even see point in that!

Next one was Draž. Knitted wear was never my favorite but this clothes were cute.
Tanja Zorn... I wonder how much the necklace costs, It was stunning!
Farandula. I have no idea why but I hardly remember what the collection looks like.
Niti niti. It was like a huge splash of colours. WIth lollypops. And Coca Cola!

The last one was Akultura.Not my cup of tea, must admit.
After all that there was a party. VH1 party ( is it time to make a joke how VH1 is MTV for old people?) with 80's and Finlandia drinks. I would mention it is 2 am and I need to go to sleep. So, day one is over, two more to go!

Sunday, 7 October 2012


See, there is one thing about TEDx events. Once you get hooked to those, you cannot get away, no matter the theme of talks. So I might go to  event with a theme I'm not interested in and find it interesting? Yes, it might be so.
Today there was an event about education. I am still part of educational system, but it is not in  sphere of my most important interests. So what have I learned?
That culture has a huge impact on us, what is pH of sperm, what are the new trends in education in elementary school (where I might add, I wouldn't switched if I was forced to pick between my elementary school and the trendy one). There was said a lot about solving the problems that are now only coming up but... See, if you ask me ( and I believe some joker or two might say something like: I'm not. :D) there is not school who should help us learn how to solve the specific issue, there should be teaching us how to solve any problem we might find in any efficient way. And yet again there would be only a few engaged enough to really make that knowledge work. See, it is not only the educational system that is a problem. I know I was the one curious and everything and I know there were ones who were good at learning things at heart and there were people who were into sports. So there is no perfect educational system. Never was, never will be.
As I wandered far away from TEDx and started to jabbering about my own views there is only one thing left to say... TEDx is cool.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sanghai Gypsy

You know how films made in one country are all the same? Like happy Hollywood endings, artish french movies,... So, Slovenian movies are know mostly for being depressive, everyone is drinking and being drunkard is a theme almost every time. Next one is violence. And drugs. Prostitution.
But times are starting to change. Slovenian movies are getting better again. Yesterday, I was at premiere of new Slovenian movie, Shanghai Gypsy. I went there (severely underdressed, as I went there straight from work) with almost no expectation. And at the end I was amazed. Movie about gypsies and not pushing stereotypes. Movie about Yugoslavia falling apart and not showing how good or bad that was. Woah. So for everyone who likes movies about family, about different culture, I recommend this movie.
(picture: )