Monday, 27 August 2012

Hey, blog. I am still alive, no worries, just my world is filled with 140 characters messages and school books. Writing seems to be hard lately and my inspiration lasts for about three minutes and then it's gone. This wasn't my best summer ever, and it is getting more sucky with every passing moment. I cannot believe, but I might be even happy to wait for fall, just keep the temperature above 20 degrees and getting some more people I like in my life wouldn't hurt as well. I mean, some things are my fault, but this bad luck and idiotic happenings are a bit much for me.
I miss feeling on top of the world. I am doing everything to make me feel like that again, but am not succeeding. Maybe it's my negative attitude or is just life with it's ups and downs.
I mean, it's not all bad, I have some days when I feel like everything is great, but after few hours of lying to myself it all comes back and hits me in the face. I haven't manage to finish with exams, I have no idea if I will be able to finish it this year. If not, there will be some problems. The biggest one will be breaking the news to my parents. We really don't get along lately and failing will not help it. I think they would not speak to me for some time if that happens.
Am currently jobless as well and soon to be broke as well. I miss photography and I have a project in mind, just need to do something with my camera.
I have been procrastinating for some time this year, that is true, but lately (since march) i am more than working my ass off. Yes, complaining how this world is not fair and how it sucks will not help me so I better get back to work.
Wish me luck for my life. I mean exams. and job. Well, life.