Friday, 1 June 2012

This blog is not dead, it is just resting.

May must have been the craziest month ever! There were so many things going on I barely had time to breathe. I do not even remember all the events and things going on all month.
Looking at calendar I think I would sum it like:
* Euro u-17 ... Yes, we held a football championship for boys under 17 years. The first three matches were on four stadiums (Ljubljana, Domžale, Maribor and Lendava), semi-finals and final were in Ljubljana.My favourites won, woohoo for the Netherlands!
*Estelle concert I wrote about.
*Final of Champions League which I watched in a bar with two giants in front of me *rage*
*In Kiberpipa, there started Smerokaz,there will be some really awesome lectures about jobs every second monday, the next one is 4 of June and there will be something about social media. Welcome to join!
*On our college, there was TEDxFDV, but as I was really tired I hardly remember anything. I just know the most inspiring thing I heard was that you should do a month lasting project every now and then.
 Well, you see, this were the highlights. Oh, and I saw Dark Shadows. Burton is still genious, Depp is still drop dead gorgeous with goofy makeup.
Right now I have so many plans, and I need to study... So maybe blog will hibernate some more, but, I'll be back.

Oh, and say hi to King Charles, my latest music obsession.

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