Tuesday, 24 April 2012


just wanted to share with you some interesting things i found on the internet.
Hitchcock's Vertigo.... or better, costumes.
 You will never be Don Draper.
Fashion movies.... Cartier <3
If you think that plus size girls can't be hot... well, take another look.
Since we're done with Coachella, some outfit photos..
Brace yourself, they're here.
A small dose of London.
Optimism overload.

And my favourite at TheVoice UK. Emmy ^^

Saturday, 21 April 2012

4square day

Are you one of smartphone owners? And you have a bunch of applications on it? Is one of them Foursquare?
If so, you are quite sure familiar with getting into bar with friends and checking in. I was a huge fan when I had HTC Wildfire and during the period of two Sony Ericssons and an LG I let it go because there is no app, just web page which doesn't allow you to be a mayor of the location.
So in Ljubljana, there was the second #4sqday meeting. We gathered on the square, checked in and got some cool stickers and badges. We didn't get swarm badge but were really close (49 people checked in to Prešernov trg.).
Not getting it seemed like a good reason to drink,right? So we moved to bar, called LP, where Nokia promotion of Lumia 800 was going on. Well best part of it was ... Cocktails. Yes, I am easy to satisfy. :)

Well,  all in all, it was a great day, it was nice to meet people I knew only from internet and it was nice to see some friends.

Also, photos are stolen from Had. Thanks.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Sunday morning after weekend when my to do list didn't get any shorter, but at least i helped around the house and made one kickass asparagus shrimp risotto. I think I'll pull allnighter tonight, I have tones of work to do and I hate doing everything last minute, but I cannot do it different. Also, I'm not getting any younger and I feel I need more and more sleep and it bugs me, I like not sleeping, I like being on the run all the time.
On the other hand, I'm gonna stop complaining how busy my weeks are. At least those weeks are productive. On weeks when I have nothing to do I also don't catch up with my studiying or anything like that, on the other hand on busy weeks I do. Logic is not my best friend, yes, good observation.
And... Can I please get my sunny days back? Please? I really don't like the cloudy foggy days because I feel sleepy as hell all day. Well, I need to get few huge strong cups of tea and it'll be alright.
So off we go, a busy week ahead, and I'm gonna rock it.

Friday, 13 April 2012


It is not summer yet here, right now the weather is really moody, some rain, some sun, clouds, well, to be honest, it is acting like a teenager with worst mood swings ever. But we all know the summer is coming (no, not winter, I am not watching GoT yet, i need to read books first) and what is the best thing about the summer besides sun? Music festivals, of course. Since here is no weather, and in USA there is, we're starting with one of best festivals.... Coachella. I love it mainly because it has online streaming.
And what I found most useful on the page is the fact you can import artists into your Google calendar or iCal and it helps a great deal with calculating hours, otherwise I'd be the one who'd miss it all due to wrong calculations. On my list are so far Arctic Monkeys (yes, my favourite band is not doing any european festival this year, at least i get to see them online, right?), The Black Keys, The Vaccines, Kaiser Chiefs, Noah Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Kasabian, Beirut, Gotye and Florence and the Machine.
The only problem I see here is that all those concerts are at really weird hours. But I hope it's gonna be worth staying awake three nights. No, not hope, I believe.
Has anyone been to Coachella?
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Monday, 9 April 2012

Talking about my generation...

 Y generation. We are marked as little unuseful brats that have no manners whatsoever and don't know what's right and what is wrong. But I need to disagree.
I have no problems with greeting people I know, no matter what's their status, I am awkward with small talks but always trying to be polite. Please and thanks are two words I use on daily basis, I stand up on a bus unless I am dizzy. 
I hate people looking down on us like we got no manners. It is not true. It is like in every generation, some people have manners, some don't.
Thank you for your attention.
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Sunday, 8 April 2012

TEDxChange Ljubljana, 5.4.2012

Do you know TED talks? And their little broters, TEDx events?
NO? Shortly, that is a series of really awesome speeches held by either successful people or people who can be an inspiration to other people. TEDx are events which aren't organized by the original TED team, but have the same goal. To inspire, to share and to show the world not everything is bad, no matter the crisis.
This time the theme was change. We heard about brain diseases, about genetics, complexity, jobs nowadays, about user un-friendly state web portals, about Ljubljana being the Silicon Gardens, about learning how to think and how to build a house from virgin materials.
Before that, there was a streaming of TEDxChange event from Berlin, organized by Bill Gates. I must admit, I really adore TED talks but it didn't feel right to watch it on screen, and I think we all anticipated our speakers.
I felt inspired. Again. I need a dose of motivation and verbal ass kicking to think more about what can I do and how should I do it. TEDx events give me just that.
Next event is already planned. TEDxFDV, 22.5 on our college. Cannot wait!

All photos are borrowed from Matej Kolakovic. Do not steal them!

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Saturday, 7 April 2012

I did it.

Yes, I did something that took a lot of balls put in that. And I might regret it sometime, but right now I feel good about myself. Slowly succeeding with some goals which weren't meant to be reached so soon but there I am, and not gonna complain about it.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Feeling empty after finishing one of my lately started projects. Mostly the empty feeling goes to not putting enough effort in it. I never liked to be the one who slacked and didn't put anything in. It is just not me.
In other news, feeling something you know it's gonna end badly, no matter what you do is never good. Never!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


No, I was not actually there, yet I can tell you something about it. Three days of fashion in Ljubljana is one of the projects or events I never miss noticing. We might be small, but we have some interesting designers who hadn't run away. Yet.
Miro Misljen

First day was the day for young designers and I must admit that I loved what I saw (on photos).
Maja Ferme

Due to very busy week I just dropped by on second day, and I must admit, I felt like an elephant there, but in 3 minutes I saw and greeted 3 friends and almost bump into one of my fav slovenian fashionistas, Ursa Jerkic. *fanscream*

So yesterday I decided that I should support our designers more. Just wait until I get some money, so I will be able to afford some pieces. Just wait.
Niti niti


Nina Susnjara

Yes, It ended. The second one. Hopefully I'll be able to see the third one live.

At the end I must thank Ljubeznice for lending me her photos. Thanks babe*

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


This week, there is a second Fashion Week in Ljubljana. It takes place in Kino Šiška. (elle)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Something good

I need to start realizing that nothing is given to me freely...
Not my youth, but I am using it for lying around and being sucky instead of working and studying and of course partying...
My body, which will not be seen for few more years ( most probably) but will punish me for sleepless nights, for huge doses of toxicans i intake all the time and so on.
I just realized I need to start working on some goals. Some are connected with my personal life, some are about college, some are connected with doing something which will satisfy me. Slowly just living is not being enough for me, I feel lazy at the moment, but looking at whole situation, I feel driven. I need to do something. Something good.