Sunday, 25 March 2012

Disappointment. The country I live in never stops to remind me how close-minded and sheep-ish people are. For once, think with your head. Read, ask, try to think what good or bad there is in some thing, just following what someone else told you is not the way t act. Never.
1984 sometimes feel so realistic. Even hunger games (I don't care if it counts as fantasy) seem too realistic. So, yeah, right now I am not in the position to discuss anything but...

Thursday, 22 March 2012

STG day 1

It all started on wednesday, Slovenian week of music. *the sound of fanfaras*
As far as I count as a music lover, I needed to be there, right?
And so it began. At Kino Šiška. A bit early for my taste, at 11am there was a first lecture on music journalism with Marko Milosavljević, who shared a lot of funny stories of working in music journalism and working with musicians, and it was really entertaining and educational.
foto: Jani Ugrin (thanks for letting me borrow your photos :)) and it is not me with a laptop, cmooon ;)

It went on with a lecture by Si Hawkins and Tim Cooper, talking about even more experiences in music buissnes, and some football. I cannot say it didn't sound really appealing, I love both. The best was comparison between both: quantity and... well, intelligence. Sounds right, I must agree with it.

By the time the next debate came I was already tired and I must admit, I stopped paying attention to the people speaking, due to being kinda confusing, people were from all different kinds of media, and it sounded... Like a bad mixture of too much different approaches and different genres of everything. Maybe there was a problem with running late with Hawkins and Cooper.

Also, there are pictures of Miro Majcen in the lobby, and I like the setting, because it is very rock-ish. There are huge panels hung on concert fences (I have no clue how it is really called) and on the floor there is a piece of flurescent tape with name of picture. I loved the photos, and I suggest to anyone who has a possibility to check it out in Kino Šiška to go and see it, otherwise maybe flicker around internet and find some of his work.

And at night, there was not only talking about music, there was also some played music. I feel really bad to miss the MojcArt show, but I needed to go home and take a short break but I heard it was great but I came there and heard The Tide, a band from Kranj. I like them, and not only due to the fact we're from ... at least same region. They looked great on stage, and there was good energy.

The next ones were The Toronto Drug Bust, a young slovenian indie rock band, who are kinda great for my taste, maybe if you check them out, you might like them as well. I loved the jumping on stage, the comments and jokes between show, some of them connected to twitter space due to lead singer being very active in the social networks.

Torul are a band whom I know nothing about, I must admit I didn't know them before yesterday, and they sounded really good which surprised me, which is not really unexpected, I didn't know them before, right? :D From the photographers point of view, there was awful lightning, but I don't really care, I wasn't taking photos, right?

And it all ended with Brains, a band from Hungary. I am ignoring the fact, that I was half dead by that time, I loved their show, it was energic, good jungle music.

It ended with afterparty with my favourite radio station, Radio Terminal, but the crowd was mostly gone, due to fact it was middle of the week, and people have jobs to go to... Oh, and there was one great invention, Twitter wall, it was showing all the tweets with #stg012. This will keep running untill the end of the week...

Just need to mention, once again, all the photos are owned by Jani Ugrin, please don't steal them, ask him first at least. And thanks. :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Parov Stelar

Do you know techno swing? Mix it with funk and start shaking your ass, you found best dance music. Ok, at least at my opinion.
So, concert. They are having a tour and in Ljubljana the show was sold out. Band is really great, so no wonder there, but it amuses me, how much can in one year time change. When they came to Slovenia last time, there was half less people and even some people i talked to there had no idea who Parov Stelar is. Now the place was full, the music was awesome, I got to dance a lot, we heard some new material, my new fav band member is drummer (before it was Max the sax)
So if you have chance, go to their concert. Great energy, great music. (and hopefully people with better manners than the ones I had to stand near to here. )

Monday, 12 March 2012

Radio Terminal

I will now write a little bit about the radio station I love.
It is a new one, you can find it at...
It is all about new music, alternative, fresh and so on, for the times you have no idea what to listen to.
And on the side of this blog there is a widget. ^^
Feel free to listen in!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Job hunt

First thing first. I know we are still in deep crisis and there is no one offering jobs to anyone who passes by, but jobs still need to be done and there are still people employing people.
I've been searching for job for last two months or even more but there is the problem with me searching for jobs with flexible work time, and nobody seems to be searching for that.
I am willing to learn, I am organized and driven but those skills seem not to help. I've tried with offering my babysitting skills or tutoring elementary school kids, but it seems like nobody needs that. Or nobody trusts me enough to do it. Anyways, realizing there is no payed jobs to find I started to search for some more voluntary work.
At the time I work as a volunteer at one project, which is really close to my heart and it doesn't feel like working at all. The other is occasional and it helps me to meet a lot of journalists and watch some football (and take a good look at players :D)
So now I am searching for some other project until I find something payed. Something really fascinating and looking good in CV, as far as I am not to be payed for it, eh? Any ideas? :)

Sunday, 4 March 2012


...afternoon. Sure, a pile of to do lists is high but I am good at ignoring.
So I end up behind my computer sipping wild cherry flavoured black tea listening to new Arctic Monkeys and thinking about London. I should probably stop doing it but it doesn't seem to go out of my head. I hate it.

R U mine?

Dear London, wait for me until autumn.