Monday, 27 February 2012


I never expected to say that but High School is one place you get far more knowledge than I ever imagined.
I lived trough it, I never actually enjoyed it at the time (OK, last two months do not count, half partying our asses off and half time studying) it was just a thing I needed to get over with.
But today I realized how much knowledge I gathered. While I was listening to some college class I found so many references to history, philosophy and art history. It is only funny because the class was about communications. I never realized just how much things I remember from high school. Never mind the fact I felt like it was there to torture poor little kids (khm, yes, I know, I know)but today I firstly realized it was there to give us some things to know going into the world.
If I saw this post few years ago, I think I would say the person who wrote that is a moron, so here I am, self-proclaimed moron.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Late night scribbles.

I miss summer. Long walks across the city I adore (and yes, I know the picture is rotated, and it is just because I like it so) and getting lost in the streets and wandering around with no care in the world and waking up just few hours later feeling like you can conquer the world again and again. I know those days are mostly gone for me, growing up kinda sucks (khm, refering to college) but I think I could pull of one or two days like that.

Saturday, 25 February 2012


Would you buy bracelet like this?

Above my bed

Since I've started college and moved I am not waking up with same view anymore. You know, the first thing you see in the morning should be pretty. That's why I have a bunch of pictures and postcards taped to the wall above my head. There is many memories and almost every picture has it's own story...

Good morning ;)

Friday, 17 February 2012


Being special. Having something that makes you different from other people. that is the first definition of special that comes to my mind.
I’ve been always very driven to people who were marked as special. Tomboys, extremely tallented people, artists, people who seemed a bit crazy and so many other.
I have same attitude with people whore the one whom the person either loves or hates and there is no middle feeling. I am always the one who loves them and we get along great. I like extremes.
Ok, it also doesn’t mean I like things just because they are weird. It also doesn’t mean I like just weird things. But is just a realization i had.

Like this girl, for example. Her voice is in a completely love hate district. And I adore it...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

No inspiration

Realizing you want to write something for your blog and you have no idea, what?
Happens to me all the time.
And I feel so stupid for not having a little notebook (which I have many, and I mean... many, Moleskines, random cute little notebooks I see in stores and old notebooks I tape all over with the pictures I love so it becomes really pretty, but still... the changes of bags makes me forget to bring them with me. ) with me all the time so I’d be able to put all the ideas up there.
And the moment I want to write something and there is nothing to write about.
Sure, it would be easiest to chatter off about movies or music, bur... you know, I am no expert in that. I mean, I sure watch a lot of movies, now that exams are over and it is award season after all. Music... Well, you know, the core of my existence but I never write about it, but just post links to best songs.
So sitting at a cafe with a glass of nice white wine, thinking all over and banging the table with my head for being so stupid. But slowly the feeling of need to write flows away, and another half an hour passes by nobody knows where. Damn.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Today is the day for a lot of awards. There are Bafta (The British Academy Awards) and there are Grammys.
The two things that really complete my life are music and movies (ok, and friends, but we are talking screen things here, not to be mistaken ;))
Bafta was dissapointing last year, I do not like King's speech. No matter how many people tried to grow it on me, it was something missing there. So this year... I am hoping The Artist wins, I haven't seen Drive yet and Tinker Taylor Solder Spy, maybe I will change my mind after seeing those two. I need to see them before Oscars whatsoever.

Grammys are a show of their own. They always show me that they recognize good music, but ignore to really honor it. And this year it will be interesting to see how they'll manage with death of Whitney less than a day before awards. Otherwise, I think it will be some Adele, some artists I don't like at all and some artists I've never heard before... Goes mostly for country.

So it is gonna be a long night, and a lot of awards, are you ready?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ever imagined living life of somebody else? Somebody rich, somebody special, somebody famous?
I guess everyone has. It is a way of escaping your own life. A short, delusional moment where everything seems fine.
To be honest, I’ve been doing it a lot lately. It is the cheapest and easiest way to forget own problems.
And yes, I know it is not a real escape, it only lasts a little bit, and there is reality waiting to hit you even harder.

I’m always expecting too much from people. I’ve been let down so many times I can hardly keep track, but the naive part of me still thinks it will change. The pessimistic part is just informing me that I’m not good enough to make people keep up to my expectations. Maybe that is the realistic part.

When I think back I see I really hasn’t live up to anyone’s expectation. Not parents, for sure. Letting them down was the thing I’ve been doing since I was 14. Even before, but then it started in a hard way. And you’re not like *insert name*, he or she is so much better did not help to get my act together and change that. I know they will never realize that, but it still hurts. Never being good enough.

I left down some of my friends. I have no heart to watch drifting apart so I shut down that part of life. I never had problems with closing and leaving. As well I was never the one sticking to things. So it changed many relationships.

Great, realizing I never stick up to things, I have no real relationships, I feel like the black sheep in the family. And I do only feel numb.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

creativity and motivation have nothing to do with education.

Imagine. A young person. Middle class. Driven, motivated, inspired. When you talk to someone like that, you get the feeling it is possible to work something out with this young life. Do you know the feeling? Otherwise tell me and I will introduce you to some of those people. But here is the catch. Everyone has its own problems. Limitations which can be money, parents or college. And is slowly killing the spirit of those people. And because of that there are more and more people living a life unsatisfying. There is so much potential in people which is unused. I am not even trying to figure the causes, I am just terrified by imagining how much potential in the world there goes to nothing.
Let’s be honest, college is the usual career path in west. But it is really necessary to have a degree to compete with the other workforce?

The example just came in my head. You know the ads that are really badly made and are getting on your nerves? Well, there was a man behind a desk taught how to make ad. And let’s be honest, it wasn’t a good day for him, and he made that ad. Yes, he has a degree and yes, he is the one with experince, but does that really bring up the success? I’d say no, and even some studies show that people who are new in brands of work are more inovative because they are not familiar with rutine.
And just to clear things up, I am not claiming that college is worthless or that people with positions are not a good workers, I am just trying to prove the point that employers or people who are running projects of any kind should show at least some interest in young creative minds.

And it goes same for country. At least ours. Slovenia, which is almost a pocket country, has so many to offer now, we have good sport people, good film makers, good actors, good programmers, good inovators and yet a lot of those are running to other countries to get real chances. I’m not gonna even start commenting on our politics, but if there is a sandbox for people who have influence, why there is no sandbox with same chances for all the people seriously contributing to our country?

I’ve gotta admit, it is even different with people who are driven enough to make it happen themselves. I know for example a person who did his own contribution to a project which he found somewhere, and he (at the end) did most of technical stuff by himself. Nobody asked him. He did it. In his own time, for free, and because he liked it and wanted the people get to see the potential the project held. I found it really inspiring. And since this project might develop to something huge, it can be a great reference one day.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Arctic Monkeys

This is a story. A love story. A love story with no fights. Sounds perfect, right?
Too bad I am talking about my favourite band, right? No, it isn’t bad! I love Arctic monkeys.
The perfect sound of guitars and drums and.. voice. I have no idea what spell they put me under, but I’m completely crazy about them since 2007 when there was an album Favorite Worst Nightmare. I saw an article about them in a mostly recreative sport and mostly meant for men. A three pages long article about English kids finding a new sound.
It was the end of my Nirvana period (admit it, you had one as well!) and it was summer with long vacations. And I was searching for some new music, so I gave it a try. The Flurescent Adolescent hit me harder than a ... I cannot describe that feeling.
They are the main cause why I am so into indie music, why everything I listen to is compared and nothing is as good.
Unfortunately they are not coming to Europe in summer (or at least there was info like that on internet few days ago and it made me sad), but the plan to see them perform live will not go away anytime soon.
So today a live stream from concert in L’Olympia was a patch to my bad week. Or month. Or 2012 so far. With half of 2011. It was temporarily, but it helped.