Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I hate failing. Never mind the fact I should be used by now.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Newly discovered music 2011

or about new music that come up this year or i found it...
Since i am kinda an indie freak, but not indie indie but pop indie, i had loads of fun this year.
So here we go. The band i didn't know before, but i was listening to for about four whole moths, is ... The AIrborne toxic event.

Their music is a mix of happines and saddnes. It sounds funny, but it makes me feel nostalgic. Maybe because i was listening to it in the summer.

So, next new music was Mumford and sons. The Sigh no more album was made in 2009 but I have excuse, i live in middle of nowhere ;)
I mostly started to really listening to it when I was on a showing of photographs from Gaza and The Cave was playing all along. Their album is great and I adore the sound.

So next new music is one of biggest and most popular singers of this year. Now she has some voice problems, but she is my idol. Perfect voice, she won't change for press and she knows what life is about. Adele, who else. I must admit, I cannot pick either i like 19 or 21 better. And here goes my favorite song.

So next one should be in style with this one, so it is another female artist I discovered. She is a vintage queen, which makes me like her even more. Ladies and gentleman, I present you Caro Emerald!

So, november and december were filled with Foster the people. Good dance music.

And some crazy Brits. The Vaccines. I missed their concert in London for two days. Do not ask how very depressed i got. It is their debut album. And it is good, i might add.

So next one has a not so good new album, but I was listening to an older one and it was great. And I mean great. The new one... Not so much. I admit, l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n is a catchy tune, but... older album is so much better :)

So I am guessing everyone knows for Gallagher brothers and their band Oasis? Well, we all know how much they argued and now separated... So Noah started his own music career. Launched by MTV, some dark named music... and I must admit, good tunes.

Well, while watching series, I use Shazaam to find what music am i listening to... So once I found the Drums. I like positivity and floating songs. You cannot be in the bad mood while listening to that.

And some more British music. Funny band, Bombay bicycle club, I fell in love with them two years ago when i almost got to see their concert in London. I didn't because I have such luck with concerts of the bands I love.

So I also have some more female vocals. Ida Maria for instance. And this song which is so appropriate for May. I have no idea why but it fits there perfectly.

Two door cinema club is the last band which i wanted to present as a new band i like.

So, it is it for today, I might do some known artist who did something new this year and I liked it soon.